Tickets for all events are available at 801-225-ARTS, online at scera.org or at the door. Click here for admissions information.

All events are open to the public and take place at the SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem (745 South State Street).

2:00 pm | Special Screening
Scera Xango Grand Theatre

Phoenix Inc.
Drama, 29 minutes, color, 2017
Director, Producer: Brian Randall

Wild Grass
Drama, 27 minutes, color, 2016
Director: Alan L. Foote

Click here for film synopses.

2:30 pm | Special Screening
Scera Showhouse II

Hidden in the Heartland: The Great Earthquake
Documentary, 23 minutes, color, 2016
Director, Producer: Kels Goodman

Nephite Explorer: The Praying Indians
Documentary, 31 minutes, color, 2016
Director: Ryan Fisher

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4:30 pm | Feature Film:
Hello I Love You
Scera Xango Grand Theatre

Comedy, 120 minutes, color, 2017
Official Website: Hello I Love You
Writer, Director: Spanky Ward; Producer: Spanky Ward, Sue McEvoy; Executive Producer: Spanky Ward; Director of Photography: Nyk Fry; Original Score: Russ Whitelock; Editor: Nyk Fry.
Cast: Ben Jarvis, Kabrina Miller, Tony Toscano, Andy Fernuik, Elizabeth Montgomery, Weston Roberts, Scott Silver, Nathan Day, Cathleen Mason.

Andy Miller has asked a large number of women he doesn't know to marry him. They said no. But Emma, a beautiful veterinary student, agrees to go on several dates with him to see if they will fall in love. Emma thinks it's a joke set up by her roommate Mandy, but it's all a reality TV show created by Andy, and Emma is the oblivious star.

Q&A with the filmmakers after the screening.

Thursday, March 2, 4:30 pm, Scera Xango Grand Theatre

5:00 pm | Short Film Competition
Scera Showhouse II

A compilation of short films by LDS filmmakers:

Believe: The Michael Ethington Story, Documentary
radio-head, Drama
Cava, Relojero!, Drama/Experimental
Concussion, Drama/Documentary
Stand Your Ground, Horror
Alma 43: The Battle of Jershon, Drama/Comedy
Moment of Anger, Drama/Comedy
Frankentine, Animation
Honorably Released, Documentary
Emergence, Drama

Click here for short film synopses.

7:00 pm | Feature Film:
Peace Officer
Scera Xango Grand Theatre

Documentary, 109 minutes, color, 2015
Official Website: Peace Officer
Director: Scott Christopherson, Brad Barber; Writer, Producer: Scott Christopherson, Brad Barber, Dave Lawrence; Executive Producer: Scott Christopherson, Brad Barber, Dave Lawrence, Sterling Van Wagenen, Roger Fields, Marcy Garriott, Clark Lyda, Julian Acosta, Jared Harris, Cole Webley; Director of Photography: Brad Barber, Scott Christopherson; Original Score: Micah Dahl Anderson; Editor: Renny McCauley; Additional Editor: Josh Gibson; Assistant Editors: Jared Jakins, Josh Weathers, Sharon Bahr, Scott Christopherson; Additional Camera: Jared Jakins, Kelyn Ikegami, Jesse Myrick, Rob Nyland.

William “Dub” Lawrence was a former sheriff who established and trained one of Utah's first SWAT teams, only to watch in horror as that same unit killed his son-in-law in a controversial standoff years later. In Peace Officer, Dub, driven by an obsessive sense of mission, uses his investigative skills to uncover the truth about that incident and other officer-involved shootings in his community, while tackling larger questions about the changing face of police investigations nationwide.

Q&A with the filmmakers after the screening.

Thursday, March 2, 7:00 pm, Scera Xango Grand Theatre

7:30 pm | 24-Hour Filmmaking Marathon:
Short Films Made in Only 24 Hours
Scera Showhouse II

Don't miss the screening of the Annual 24-Hour Filmmaking Marathon. We will show all films that were made in only 24 hours a week prior to the festival. An amazing line-up of 4-minute short films awaits you.

Last year's theme was Wonder, the object a magnifying glass, and the dialoge line I can't believe... The winners of the marathon will be announced at the award ceremony on Saturday, March 4, at 9:00 pm.

Thursday, March 2, 7:30 pm, Scera Showhouse II

9:30 pm | Feature Film:
CTU: Provo
Scera Showhouse II

Comedy/Action, 94 minutes, color, 2007
IMDB Link: CTU: Provo
Director: Alan Seawright; Writer: Ryan Croker, Alan Seawright; Producer: Ryan Croker, Paul D. Hunt, Jason Komm, Alan Seawright; Executive Producer: Charan Prabhakar; Director of Photography: Stephen H. Aldridge; Original Score: Adam Abram, Shaun Barrowes; Editor: Alan Seawright; Action Coordination: Jonathan Decker, Alan Seawright; Visual Effects: T.J. Packer; Sound Department: Daren Smith, Jeremy Bird.
Cast: Jonathan Decker, Alan Seawright, Charan Prabhakar, Joel Hilton, Donny Osmond, Rick Macy, Jimmy Chunga, Jenna Lisonbee, Jason Komm, Sarah Bell, William Rubio, Ryan Croker, Paul Jefferies, Matthew Stringham, Tim Whiting, Laurel Sandberg-Armstrong, Taylor Busby, Paul Hunt, Sarah Kelley.

Utah's Counter-Terrorist Unit is understaffed and unprepared for an actual attack, so when eco-terrorists threaten Provo, it's up to two fans of TV's "24" to save the day. 10th anniversary screening with Donny Osmond in a guest appearance.

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Q&A with the filmmakers after the screening.

Thursday, March 2, 9:30 pm, Scera Showhouse II