Q: How do we sign up for the 24-Hour Filmmaking Marathon?
A: All you have to do is pay the entry fee no later than Friday, February 17, at 10:00 a.m. We will then request all required information from you by email, and you'll receive guidelines and the theme, object, and dialogue line at the start of the competition. You can pay the entry fee here.

Q: What if we turn in our film late?

A: You need to have uploaded your film no later than 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 18, or you won't be part of the competition. We will still showcase your film but your group won't be eligible for any cash awards. Please be aware that you have to upload on time. Many groups in the past have faced problems uploading their film. They waited until the last minute to do so, only to realize that they were facing some technical issues. Run some tests when you start editing and give yourself enough time to output and upload your film.

Q: Can our film be shorter than 4 minutes?
A: Yes. Any length under 4 minutes is acceptable. Your credits are part of the total length of your film. Make sure your film is concise and cut out all the so-so parts, and you have a better film.

Q: What if we have a hard time cutting our film down to 4 minutes?
A: If your film is longer than 4 minutes (that includes credits!), you're not eligible for the competition. Period. We will still showcase your film but that's it. Editing is a crucial part of filmmaking and most of the time a shorter version is a better version. Be aware before you start filming that you have a time limit and write and edit your film with the time limit in mind.

Q: Will you announce which films are disqualified from the competition?
A: No. We'll let the individual groups know that their film is disqualified, but we won't otherwise announce it.

Q: What if there are people in the background of a scene. Do they count as part of the group?
A: Not if they don't "act" in your film. If they're like extras (i.e. walking down a street) you'll be fine; if they are more like featured extras (saying a dialogue line or being otherwise involved in the plot), you violate the rules.

Q: What if we have difficulty getting the film uploaded?
A: That's your problem. Part of finishing the marathon is uploading your finished film in time. You should find out ahead of time how to upload your film and how long it takes to do so.

Q: Can we turn in a version of the film to meet the deadline and turn in a better version later on?
A: No, unless you want to drop out of the competition. Again, we'll play your film but your chances of winning are gone. Make sure that your image and audio work before you upload. Test your data file (Quicktime, ProRes 422, or H.264) before you upload it. Make sure it is working properly. Make sure your film resolution matches how you edited it.

Q: What kind of music can we use?
A: You can create your own music by recording your soundtrack all by yourself or by using Garageband or Soundtrack or similar programs that allow you to create music from copyright-free sources. You can also use music from bands or musicians, if you have their express permission to use their music in your film. The point is that you own ALL the rights to market your film without having to face copyright issues.

Q: What if I don't know all the members in my group?
A: You have to know all the members of your group, except for one "wild card." If you have three people when you sign up, you can only add one more person to your group. If you know all five people but one drops out later, you can substitute him or her. If two people give up, you can only substitute one of them. It's always best to write down five group members when you sign up.

Q: Can we make a documentary?
A: Yes, but the "Rule of 5" still applies, meaning that only 5 people can be part of the creation of your film. The subject of your documentary needs to be part of the Group of 5. That means, you either make the documentary about someone in your group, or you keep your wild card open for your subject matter.

Q: Can we get a refund if we decide to give up?
A: No. When you sign up you contribute to the prize money and commit to complete the marathon. If you give up, you basically accept that you lost the race. Most groups will face problems during the 24 hours of the competition, like equipment failure or group members dropping out. That's part of the game. The goal is to finish the race and not give up, no matter what.

Q: What if we have questions during the making of the film regarding the rules?
A: Email us at feedback@ldsfilmfestival.org. We'll try to answer your questions ASAP.